“Heavenly-minded, Courageous John Bradford”

“Herbert Brown: The Annointed Stutterer”

“Robert Chapman: Famous for Love”

Book Reviews:

“A Brief Review of Don Carson’s A Call to Spiritual Reformation

“A Review of Krista Horning’s Just the Way I Am: God’s Good Design in Disability

Childhood Conversion:

“The Cable Every Home Needs”

“The Godliest Parents”

“The Littlest Sinners”

“Real-life Child Converts”

“Striving to Prevent the Everlasting Misery of Our Children”

“The Godliest Parents”

Church Life:

“Better Prayer Meetings and Prayer Groups: Less Confusion, More Communion”

“From First Baptist Church to a House Church”

“How to Encourage Your Pastor This Summer”

“Making Church Meetings With Small Crowds Better”

“Ten Reasons Why Nursing Homes Are Great Places to Minister”

“The Benefits of Having Missionaries Visit Our Churches”

“The Value of Arriving Early to Church Meetings”

“Wearing Your Own Jersey and Being Unlike Mike in the Body of Christ”

“When Your Preacher is NOT John Piper”

“When Your Church is NOT the Biggest in Town”


“A Wake-up Call to Husbands in Hibernation”

“Adoption as Basic Christianity”

“Fathers: The Original ‘Children’s Ministers'”

“Getting Through a Miscarriage”

“The Truth About Children With Disabilities”

Jesus Christ:

“O Come Let Us Adore the God-man”

Knowing God:

“An Ethiopian’s Skin & Your Sin”

“Deathbed Conversion: Should You Risk It?”

“Is Michael Vick a Christian?”

“The Satisfaction Mick Jagger is Looking For”

“When the Bible Isn’t Boring Anymore”

Pastoral Ministry:

“Better Teaching By This Sunday”

“Does Your Teaching Make People Sleepy?”

“First Sermon Jitters: Help for Aspiring Preachers”

“Guaranteed Ways to Make Your Pastor Rejoice”

“Seminary is Dangerous”

“The Pastor Search Process: Do You Know How to Pick a Pastor?”


“Trusting God Like Muller & Elliff: Our New Approach”

Practical Christianity:

“Beware of Study Bibles”

“Communication Resolutions”

“Doe The Nexte Thynge”

“Don’t Waste Your Nursing Home Visits”

“Doubting Jesus”

“Improving March Madness”

“Pastor-only Evangelism?”

“Seven Ways to Get Smart About Kids’ Toys This Christmas”

“Sports Resolutions for the New Year”

“The Good a Bible Might Do”

“Time Lapse-The Delay Between Speaking and Obeying the Gospel”

Travel Journals:

“Exploratory Ministry Trip to Ethiopia”

“Ministry Trip to Ethiopia, Fall 2011”

“The Muller Center Goes to Israel”

“Steve’s Trip to the Philippines: Summer 2009”

Vacation Bible School:

“VBS Do’s & Don’ts”

“VBS & the Doctrine of Hell”

“Now that VBS is Over”


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