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Ministry to college students is unpredictable. I have often referred to that age group as “elusive” because just when you think you have them figured out and you know their routines, they disappear.

Today at Park, the young lady from the Muslim family did not show up. The young man from Kenya did, but only briefly. He got in a bit of a car wreck yesterday (we had a bit of a snow storm) and was borrowing a car that had to be returned by 3 p.m. (He was telling me this at 3:20 p.m.). I wish he could have stayed, but I was really glad to connect with him after Christmas break. Also, as I stated yesterday, Ryan Upton was out of town, so now what?  Would any other students show up that had previously come? Perhaps a few that Ryan had invited, but had never come, would show up?

Well, one more person showed up–Bryan Elliff.  He’s a godly young man who will be going off to college next year.  Yes, I was disappointed at the lack of attendance as I stood there in the hallway and chatted a bit with Bryan, but I was praying, “Lord, please give us one student today to share the good news with. Please, Lord!” Bryan and I walked upstairs toward the cafeteria where we meet, and I said something like, “Let’s go on in and perhaps the Lord has someone for us in here to talk to.”  We were going to sit down at a particular table, but a young man was cleaning the tables, and he made it clear that he would rather us sit somewhere else. We went into the cafeteria a bit, and there sat a young lady.  We sat at a table close by hers, and I made a comment to her about her “Chicago” sweatshirt, asking if she was a Bears fan.  “No, I just visited.”  The conversation had begun, and for about another 30 minutes, Bryan and I dialogued with her about her beliefs, and we told her the good news. She was a very delightful college student to talk to, very confused about the truth, and receptive of our encouragement to ask the question, “Does the Bible actually teach what my pastor is saying it teaches about God, man, and Christ?” 

That wasn’t exactly the “Bible study” I had planned, but Bryan and I went away grateful to God for the opportunity, and we were reminded again of just how important your prayers are.  That encounter today was an answer to not only my brief prayer in the hallway, but to the many, many prayers that so many of you have taken to the Lord on behalf of our ministry to the students of Park.