11 Responses to “Contact”

  1. luis de jesus Says:

    God Bless You! Can I get a copy of dangers of the invitation system. My name Luis De Jesus and my address is 3647 Broadway apt 10H NY,NY 10031.

  2. SOwen Says:

    Dear sir, I would like to recieve a free copy of the dangers of the invitation system. I just came from a Christian food pantry and preached the gospel and they wanted me to give the invitation which I did. I said repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. That was my invitation after telling them only God can call you.

    Then the local pastor came back up and almost preached all over again just so he could get every head bowed, every eye closed and pray this prayer. Anyway I would like to give him a copy of this book. Sincerely, Steven
    Steven Owen
    975 Knights Dr.
    Conway, Arkansas 72034

  3. Camagu Potelwa Says:

    Hi there

    I would like to recieve a copy of Dangers of invitation system. I’m a leader in the evangelism team in my church. This issue of invitation has been bordering me for quite sometime and I’m doing it ever since I started evangelism. We mainly do door to door evangelism. I live in South Africa
    Thanks . Camagu Potelwa

    My address is

    Camagu Potelwa
    E106A Forest Hill
    Main RD

  4. Greeting in the wonderful name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

    Dear Brother Steve,

    I have send you the email to invite you in our country for leadership seminar, but there is no reply from your site. I have also tried to call you on your phone number but unfortunately I cannot connect you, may be there is a problem in the code number from my country. So please reply as soon as possible.

    God abundantly bless you.

    Pastor Shahbaz Zakir

  5. Rowland Hill Says:

    I am trying to order the book Divorce and Remarriage: A Permanence View, but you blog link doesn’t work. Please help… four copies requested.

    1. Steve Burchett Says:

      Dear Rowland:

      Sorry about that. Here’s the URL where you can order:


  6. Gary Millar Says:

    Just read your article on The Gospel Coalition website, “When your preacher is not John Piper”. Would you give your permission for me to reproduce the article in our church magazine?
    It will be fully and properly accredited.

    1. Steve Burchett Says:

      Hi Gary:

      Yes, you may use it. Thanks for asking, and thanks also for accrediting it properly.

      Warmly in Christ,

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