“Their Glue”

by Steve Burchett

 [written for Patty, on our 11th anniversary, July 18, 2009]


Into the valley went a young couple,

The two became one for life.

Together they would know joy and trouble,

With Christ there is hope and strife.


A big city was her childhood stay,

Bagels and a quick pace were the norm.

In the country was where he played,

Every three years hidden by corn.


One day at college came a spark,

The providence of God was felt.

Soon a relationship did start,

Conversing, their hearts would melt.


A proposal by the lake accepted with joy,

They laughed and spoke of their dreams.

She gazed upon her Ohio boy,

He looked at her and beamed.


In the state between them, a marriage was born,

God joined them together ‘til death do they part.

From former securities happily torn,

Believing God’s promises was a good start.


Three more years of school and work

Was a happy time for their marriage to grow.

Then on life’s road came a fork,

To the land of sweet tea they decided to go.


Another move later found them back in Ohio,

What lessons they would learn there!

His first pastorate full of joy and sorrow,

And even a season of deep despair.


Once settled in, baby girl appeared,

The young family grew by one.

Feeling the typical new parent fears,

They looked away to the Son. 


And then a boy, oh how they praised,

Though the first year was a trip.

A bump on his forehead raised,

But that was just a small part of it.


Now he’s four and she’s six,

Mom and Dad burn with great love.

Together they play and build with sticks,

These two who are gifts from above.


Three miscarriages brought awful pain,

The memories still bring tears to their eyes.

Through it all there is something to gain,

They must trust Him ‘til faith becomes sight.


Into darkness came a kind evangelist,

A relationship was forged and enjoyed.

Then an invite to move to the Midwest,

A new church and ministry would employ.


Though difficult to leave, God’s will became known,

They decided to move to Missouri.

In so many ways God’s grace was shown,

Especially a church for His glory.


Then something life-changing happened,

A girl with a murmur arrived.

A rare syndrome was found when tested,

To the Lord did their prayers arise.


They grieved, yet found hope in the Designer,

His frowning providence for their good.

The curls on her head couldn’t be finer,

Made in God’s image they always understood.


They’re committed ‘til one enters glory,

Even though they have differences, ‘tis true.

He rounds off, she must know the penny,

 The Lord Jesus Christ is their glue.