Preston Atkinson is a pastor in Texas who has become a dear friend to me. I know him because of BJ Maxwell, another dear friend and fellow pastor. Preston and I recently decided to start a blog together that will simply feature the poetry we each write. We are doing this as a way both to encourage one another and perhaps, if God sees fit, to help others who might visit the site. Ultimately, our aim is to glorify our great God.

As you will see, Preston is a much more savvy poet than me. I’m so grateful for that, though, because he is both an inspiration and a teacher. In fact, the first poem I ever wrote (sometime within the past two years), Preston read. The poem was not good, but Preston cheered me on, offering helpful insights but not making me feel like an idiot in the process! If you areĀ interested, click here for “The Pilgrim’s Plow: Poetry for The Glory of God While we Wait.”