I will be spending just under two weeks in the Philippines in August. I will be the guest of ACTION International Ministries, specifically ACTION Philippines. I will be speaking five times at a pastors’ conference of Filipino pastors (over 200 men, perhaps). These are men who have little to no training. This is a tremendous opportunity. Along with speaking, there will be time for Q & A, counsel, and prayer.

Along with the three day conference, I will also be doing some other preaching. All of the details are not in place, but I just found out today that on my first Sunday there, I will be preaching for Higher Rock church (metro Manila). I am also looking forward to spending time with other ministries ACTION has going over there, especially to the street children (Click here for a collection of photos from the various ministries there).

For a brief explanation of the needs of this country, go to this page, and under “ACTION Videos,” Scroll down and listen to “The Philippines and the Gospel: Jeff Anderon.” To see the ministry to the pastors, and to get an idea of the conference I will be part of, scroll down on that same video section and click “Pastoral Leadership Development.” On the video concerning pastoral development, you will see Doug Nichols, the founder and international director emeritus of ACTION. I met him last year in a conference in California.

Please pray for this trip.