1. Patty and I have been attending a foster parenting training class (5 of 9 weeks so far), with the hopes that this will eventually lead to adoption. A one day adoption class will follow.

2. I just got back from attending a great conference in Indiana with my fellow pastors and an intern of our church. See www.firefellowship.org.

3. When I got back, Patty and her mom (who is visiting from New Jersey) had completely arranged the garage. It looks awesome.

4. I’m going to the Philippines in August for a little over a week (more on that in another post), and I was just asked to come to Bartlett, TN (Memphis) in October. I’ll be preaching on Sunday morning at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Lawson, Missouri, in a few weeks.

5. Next week, my church is hosting Conrad Mbewe (whom some have called “The Spurgeon of Africa”). It will be a very, very full three days!

6. Katie finished her first year of school. Patty did a terrific job with her. Katie is reading very well, and seemingly loving it.

7. I’m teaching through Luke in our home congregation. We are finishing up our study of John the Baptist in chapter 3 this Sunday. Personally, I’ve spent hours recently meditating on Colossians, specifically chapter 1.