I was one of four men to write a book titled Divorce and Remarriage: A Permanence View (158 pages). I was blessed to get to work with my fellow pastors of Christ Fellowship of Kansas City (www.ChristFellowshipKC.org) over a two year period to develop this book. The reason the Divorce and Remarriage: A Permanence Viewbook came about is because we as pastors were studying this issue in order to benefit our church (it was originally going to be a short position paper). Eventually we produced something that we think will help more people than just our local fellowship. We believe the position set forth in the book, if applied, will save marriages. We have already heard several stories about how the Lord has used the book to help struggling and failing marriages.

Perhaps by the title you recognize that this book could be a bit controversial. If you know me, I hope you understand that my desire when studying Scripture is to submit to it, whatever I find. I think we have done that with what we believe the Bible teaches on these issues. Every pastor has to take a position because every pastor, if he is doing what God has called him to do, will have to offer biblical counsel in regards to marrige, divorce, and remarriage. Even the wedding ceremonies a pastor will or will not officiate is affected by what he concludes about the Bible’s teaching on divorce and remarriage. It was vital that we come to some conclusions about these issues. It just so happens that the view we have taken is not the “popular” view, although we have dear brothers and sisters in Christ who take that view and we still love each other! 🙂

My hope is that whatever you currently believe, you will take the time to read the book. Each of the authors changed his view as a result of this study. You may, or you may not. Perhaps you already take this view. Whatever the case, Scripture must be our authority and it is worth the time to know what God says about these matters. The first half of the book presents the biblical case for our position, and in the second half we deal with case after case of potential scenarios that you or someone else may have already faced, or will face, and also church-related issues. We seek to apply what Scripture teaches to those different situations and contexts.

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