Even after all that we have read about Williams Syndrome, Patty and I still don’t feel like we know much. However, my smart and persistent wife might have discovered something today: Lilly is 6 months old, so we are transitioning to baby food. Well, Lilly was doing fabulously, until the past couple of days. She has just fought and fought the spoon, not wanting to eat from it. It has been discouraging because she has to be hungry. Well, Patty tried something today: She dipped Lilly’s pacifier in the baby food, and put it in Lilly’s mouth. Lilly liked that. Patty did it a few more times with the pacifier, and then transitioned back to the spoon. Lilly then gladly accepted the spoon and happily ate all of her food. We’ll see if this continues to keep her settled and eating well. We are wondering if there is someting going on her her brain about order and familiarity.