I would be delighted if you would pray for a speaking opportunity I have toward the end of January. Andy Lutz, whom I played golf with in college and briefly attended seminary with in Louisville, is now one of the pastors at Edgewood Baptist Church in Anderson, Indiana. He was instrumental in inviting me to speak at their annual youth retreat. If I heard Andy’s father, Tom, correctly on the phone yesterday, they have been doing this retreat for four decades. Several churches will be represented at the retreat from Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and perhaps Illinois (I may have missed a state or two). They said there will be between 130-230 7th through 12th graders.

This is such a great opportunity that the Lord has given me to proclaim Christ. Please pray for my preparation, the retreat itself, and specifically the precious young souls who will be there. There will be three teaching sessions, and a fourth session will be an introductory Q & A in which I will share my testimony. In the middle of all of that, we will head out to ski (which I’ve never done, so it should be interesting!). 

While in Indiana, I will stay over into Sunday and have been asked to preach at Edgewood Baptist Church. I will preach twice. I have great respect for Andy, and would encourage you to listen to his sermons (you will also see some sermons from Andy’s father).