We saw a geneticist yesterday. He was a very nice and sharp guy. I thought it was interesting that he didn’t tummy-4-50come in and explain things about Lilly starting with the basics, he began by saying, “What questions do you have?” I appreciated that. He assumed we had done research and were aware of many things already. Of course, as with any good “teacher,” he eventually did remind us of the basics about Williams Syndrome (WS). We really didn’t learn anything new, but what we had learned previously was confirmed by an expert who has had previous experience with WS. 

We’re also grateful for the occupational therapy that is offered to Lilly, and this will actually take place in our home. That is a real blessing. Three ladies were in our house this morning discussing the strategy for the next few months.

Next week, we go to the heart doctor to see how Lilly’s arteries are doing. Please pray with us that they would not narrow, but actually improve.

Click here for a little letter I wrote to Lilly (it includes other pictures with Katie, Luke, and Daddy).