You can listen to the MP3 of my interview with Chris Arnzen of “Iron Sharpens Iron” here.  I’ve only spoken to him a few times on the phone, but he’s a really good guy who has an excellent radio show. Be sure to check out his website/blog,, keep up with his program, and download past interviews. 


This was the first time I’ve ever been interviewed on the radio.  Here are five things I learned:


1.  There is precious little time to say things, and certain thoughts don’t even get completed.  Patty, who majored in broadcasting, will read this and say, “Welcome to radio!”


2.  Related to #1, what takes me five minutes to explain in a teaching or preaching venue has to be narrowed down to just a minute or two on radio. That was difficult (and I’m sure I failed), especially when I heard the music playing indicating a commercial break was coming and I knew I needed to stop talking soon.


3.  Certain questions get asked that are not prepared for, and sometimes at a time that is different than expected. I’m not complaining at all.  It’s just an interesting, and challenging, thing to be hit with something unexpected. I even missed a question Chris asked at the end and he had to say, “Steve, are you there?”


4.  Interviews are humbling. Like after I’ve preached or taught a Bible Study, I’m kicking myself for not saying certain things better or clearer, or not clarifying certain statements. It was a humbling experience, and I’m thankful for that.


5.  I enjoyed being on the radio, and hope to do it again, but I prefer regular preaching and teaching venues.  I guess this wasn’t really something I learned, but I came away especially appreciating guys like Chris Arnzen who are quite gifted to do that kind of show (imagine the vast array of subjects he has to be familiar with!), and remembering that God has made me a preacher.