As many of you know, I travel a bit to other churches and teach a seminar called, “Childhood Conversion: How Children Come to Faith in Christ.”  This is a seminar that Jim Elliff has taught for many years and now I have that responsibility for Christian Communicators Worldwide (CCW, It’s a three hour seminar that you can read about here.  CCW is currently selling for a great price a series of interviews Jim did on this very subject.  It’s not the same thing as the seminar, but the same ideas are present.  The first interview is worth the price of the whole thing.  Here’s the advertisement from CCW’s website:

“How Children Come to Faith in Christ” Audio Series Special

Order the 3 CD set for just $10 (plus shipping) until September 1st!!! 

In this seven-part series, Dennis Rainey and Bob Lepine interview Jim Elliff on the nature of Childhood Conversion. It has long been a favorite on FamilyLife. Host Bob LePine lists it as one of his top ten programs ever on FLT.


We want every pastor and every young family to have this series. Many churches buy copies for all their families with children. It’s excellent for grandparents to give to their kids as well. This is the lowest price ever for this useful tool. Order as many as you need here.