I just listened to the following programs today (about an hour total).  Wow.  I want to encourage you very strongly to do the same.  The title of this post, “Satisfied With God: the Life of George Muller,” was the title of a week of programs on Nancy Leigh Demoss’s radio program (called “Revive Our Hearts” – www.reviveourhearts.com).  Jim Elliff pointed it out to me yesterday (he had the series on a CD)–Jim is one of the individuals interviewed about Muller, and others on this CD include John Piper and Jim Cymbala (Piper’s voice is from his autobiographical message on Muller).  The series is tremendously done.  (In my estimation, the first program is a little slow.)

A couple of times I was moved to tears as I listened to these programs.  It is quite inspiring and makes me want to live a life of trusting God such that God’s power and faithfulness shine forth.  If you click on the links below, they will take you to a page where you can see the transcripts of the shows, but you will also see a “listen” tab for each program which will give you two or three options for listening (I highly suggest you listen instead of reading the transcripts).

Program 1: The Value of Biographies

Program 2: Life of Trust

Program 3: The Primary Object

Program 4: A Life of Faith

Program 5: Joy in God

FYI, we sell a book at CCW titled A Brief Account of the Life and Labors of George Muller.  It not only includes a small biography of Muller by his second wife, but also selections from Muller’s own writings on money and possessions.  You can see it here.