Wasted Faith Audio is here! 

Wasted Faith Audio Book CDWe are very anxious to get our new audio book to you, so, we’re offering to send you TWO copies (per family) for FREE until July 1stYou pay only shipping and handling ($3.50). We will also have very low prices for additional copies. It is housed in an attractive bi-fold cover. 

Wasted Faith has been distributed to over 170,000 people in English. Thankfully, we have heard reports of many conversions, in various countries of the world! Professing believers need to think through these truths for examining their faith. Please order multiple copies for friends, family, classes, students, etc., as soon as you can. 

To order, click here. Free offer in the US only, please. Online orders only. Remember the  free online study guide for Wasted Faith. 

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 Opening Comments        Chapter One