Greetings from Louisville, Kentucky.  I’m currently at the Together for the Gospel conference. There are over 5,000 men at this conference, and I’ve been able to see old friends and meet new friends and give away some books from Christian Communicators Worldwide.  Today during the conference, we were singing I Will Glory in My Redeemer, a song Katie loves to sing, so I called home and held the phone out so she could hear (You should hear 5,000 men singing at the top of their lungs!!!).  Katie has been sick and has an ear ache, so I thought this might make her smile.  I could “hear” her smile through the phone.

I’m actually staying with a friend in a dorm-like building at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary where a bunch of single guys live, and this has given me many opportunities to give away free books and talk about church life with these aspiring pastors and missionaries.  I’m staying up late (I’d forgotten about that part!!!) hopefully having an impact in their lives.  When I was in college and seminary, I longed for an actual pastor to take the time to talk to me and listen to me and answer my questions, but struggled to find guys that would take the time.  Back then, I decided to be a pastor that would give time to young men training for the ministry.  I’ve sensed the Lord helping me to do that this week (in fact, only his grace keeps me up and talking, I’m convinced!)  I’ll be getting home tomorrow evening, and can’t wait.  I miss Patty and the kids terribly, and the people of Christ Fellowship!