Today we officially moved into our new home.  The move was very, very fast for three reasons: (1) We only had to travel about 2 miles from our rental home.  (2) I brought a large amount of boxes, etc., over yesterday [I was so sore this morning!]. (3) There were about a dozen other men from our church [with several younger teens and boys] who helped out!!!  Have we told you how much we love our church?

After we got done around  11:30 am, a couple of ladies in the church had prepared some food for us to eat. I asked Bob Eppler (a member of the church who, along with his wife Karen, provided an apartment for us when we first moved here) to pray that this would be the Lord’s house.  I would love to have his prayer recorded–he took us to the throne of grace and entrusted this house to the Lord and our children to the Lord’s care, and he prayed for our church and all of the children, that they would come to the Lord early and spend their lives in service to Him.  Tremendous.  Amen.