New House

If the inspections go well this Saturday, Patty, Katie, Luke, and our little one on the way will be moving into a home a few minutes away from the house we are currently renting. We began looking seriously about a month ago, knowing that our lease would be coming to an end for this house which will go for sale soon (out of our price range). We looked at more houses than I can remember, and houses in our price range were typically too small or way too much work (and thus ultimately too expensive). On Saturday, we viewed what will be our new home (it went on the market last Thursday), we were back their Sunday afternoon, and on Monday we made an offer. For any who have purchased a home, you know that all of this was tense and full of questions yet excitement–added to our situation was the fact that this house is terrific and a really, really great price, and there were two other offers we were competing with. Our realtor called us Monday at about 8 pm to say that she didn’t think we would hear anything until Tuesday. She was wrong. She called back at about 9 pm to tell us the beneficiary of the owner accepted our offer. Then our realtor called us the next day to tell us that the furniture in the house comes with the home (Nice, huh?). Our thoughts range from “God has been so good to us to provide this house, at this price, in this location,” to “Um, what have we just gotten ourselves into???” The closing is scheduled for February 29. My mom, who was in town (with Dad) over the weekend, took the picture above. For some reason it’s fuzzy, but I’m not sharp enough to know why. If you click on the picture, the fuzz disappears.