We have some enjoyable days ahead as far as hospitality is concerned:

1.  My parents will be with us this weekend. We will be celebrating the birthdays of both my dad and me (January). Fun times.

 2.  Toward the end of February, we will be hosting a young couple (and five month old baby) who is interested in the internship program in our church.

3. For a few days in March, a young lady from Kasakhstan will be visiting us from Ohio. Her name is Aigerim, and she attended our church in Ohio (she is still attending Ohio University).  She loves Katie and Luke, and they think she is great.

4.  Toward the end of March, it’s looking like a pastor friend is going to be visiting with his wife and their baby. He is interested in finishing his seminary degree at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary here in KC.

5.  Oh, and in June, somebody is coming not just for a visit, but to live with us permanently!  We will be finding out if the baby is a boy or girl soon.