On the way to a very enjoyable time of sledding this morning with two families in our church, I got a phone call from a gentlemen who was extremely stressed. He’s a member of a little church in Liberty, Missouri, and his church is currently without a pastor. He told me that they had called every single person on their list, and no one could come and preach for them, so he was wondering if I could come out tomorrow morning and fill in.  Since our church meets on Sundays at 4:30 pm (our actual “service” goes from 5 to about 7, followed by the Lord’s Supper and then a meal together), I am usually free to fill in at churches on Sunday mornings if called upon.  I must say, it is quite humbling for somebody to tell you, essentially, “We’ve called everybody, and you are our last call.  What do you say?  We tried to get somebody else, but you’ll do if you’re available!”  God is good to humble me like that, and so was Patty when, instead of nursing my wounded ego, she just laughed at what happened!  Anyhow, pray for me as I will be preaching at this church tomorrow morning at about 10:45 central time.