The following is not a plan for reading the Bible in a year, but a way to keep track of what you have read in your Bible: You might like this approach to Bible reading in 2008.

If you prefer a reading plan that gets you through the Bible in a year, I recommend Don Carson’s two volume devotionals titled For the Love of God (based on the M’Cheyne Bible Reading Schedule). You can start receiving these daily (I’d recommend you start getting them now, and start with the plan January 1) by going to the following site – – and then clicking the e-mail address to the right of where it says “Join” (a bit confusing, so let me know if you have any problems). If you are going to purchase the volumes, start with volume 1 for 2008, and then volume 2 for 2009. I am not typically a fan of devotionals, but these are excellent because Carson does a tremendous job of teaching the storyline of Scripture. Here’s where you can purchase the actual books: