Thank you for praying about the opportunity I had this past Wednesday at Park to represent Christ Fellowship of Kansas City.  I potentially made one solid contact with a young man who desires a Bible study on campus and said he has numerous friends whom he knows will participate.  Pray that I would have discernment about furthering this relationship because he may be part of a solid church elsewhere and I don’t want to infringe upon that ministry. 

In other campus ministry news, Patty and I officially became part of a ministry at Park called “Friendship Partners,” which is a ministry on college campuses that connects international students with church families.  A few families in our church are involved.  You can read about it at, but basically we will spend at least one day a month with an international student (or students) and connect with the student(s) at least once a week via e-mail or telephone.  The idea is to “be a friend”–have them in your home, take them on a family activity, help them learn about our culture, learn about their culture, etc.  Also, the desire is that there will be open doors for telling these students about Christ.  I just got a phone call today about our potential “friends,” and should have more information soon.