Reflecting back on several years around Ohio University, I remembered that most colleges have a “meet and greet” day early in the school year.  At events like these, local churches and organizations are allowed to have a “booth” and pass out information.  I have visited the student activities office at Park U. a couple of times checking into this sort of event, and today I was able to speak with several very nice individuals who were very happy for me to come, on behalf of Christ Fellowship (CF), and set up a booth at their activities fair on Wednesday, Aug. 22, at 11 a.m. 

My goal at this event will be to meet some students and hopefully pass out some resources from Christian Communicators Worldwide (CCW).  I would ask that you would pray for the Lord to provide at least one solid connection with a young man who is a true believer (who will benefit from CF, and potentially provide a network to other believers), and one solid connection with a young man who is seeking truth (whom I might be able to meet with to teach the Gospel, who as well might benefit from CF, and who could potentially provide a network to other seekers).  Pray also that those resources that are passed out would be read by those who take them.