Dear Readers: 

I have established this site for at least two reasons:

1)  To update those who support my ministry, that they might hear and see what God is doing, and subsequently pray more appropriately.  Patty and I have many faithful people who pray for us and give financially to us, and we hope this site will be a place they visit often to see what the Lord is doing in our lives and ministry.  As we minister in our church, Christ Fellowship of Kansas City (www.christfellowshipkc.org), we hope to inform our support team through words and pictures.  As the Lord opens up opportunities for me to travel on behalf of Christian Communicators Worldwide (www.ccwonline.org), I hope to announce and then summarize each trip and provide pictures when possible.  Finally, in God’s goodness, I have begun to write a bit, and I hope to keep our friends updated in this area of my life.

2)  To provide necessary information to those who might invite me to teach or preach.  I will put information on this site specifically designed to aid those who might desire to have me come and minister to them.   

The name of this site is derived from the church in which I share leadership responsibility, Christ Fellowship of Kansas City, and the ministry in which I serve, Christian Communicators Worldwide.  Thus, I took “Christ” out of the former, and “Communicators” out of the latter (making it singular), and came up with a summary description of my ministry and name for this site.  As the Apostle Paul said in First Corinthians 2:2, “For I determined to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.”

 I’d be grateful and humbled if you would pray for the Burchett’s. 

For Christ’s Glory,